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Back in 2002, we started out with a small website called Kilduffs.Com. The website was just a listing of all the old movie theatres I could find in Baltimore City  with one picture for each. It was fun and as time allowed, each theatre had a pile of pictures of each. Soon, we had more old buildings and subjects from all over Baltimore. We started the Kilduffs.Net site and the pages are more streamlined. From here, Kilduff’s moved on to the entire State of Maryland. As we found more material, we added it and soon Kilduff’s had three website with three purposes, Kilduffs.com – the older html site which we have had issues updating ( thus the older “Updated” timelines on same. Kilduffs.Net which is much easier to work on and always updated. And we started  Kilduffs.org, which ended up being a index for all we offer on the website. Finally, we started PeterDPaul.com, a site of old Main Street postcards from all over the Country. This is likely the largest Main Street postcard Collection available online.
Subjects :

Maryland Airports – On Kilduffs.ComOn Kilduffs.Net
Maryland Amusement Parks –  On Kilduffs.ComOn Kilduffs.Net
Maryland Armory Buildings – On Kilduffs.Com / On Kilduffs.Net 
Maryland Bank Buildings / On Kilduffs.Com  / On Kilduffs.Net 
Baltimore Bank Buildings / On Kilduffs.com
Baltimore Beer / On Kilduffs.com
Baltimore Bridges / On Kilduffs.Com / Kilduffs.Net
Baltimore’s Old Buildings / On Kilduffs.Com / On Kilduffs.Net
Baltimore Old Car Dealerships / On Kilduffs.Com / Kilduffs.Net
Baltimore City Churches / On Kilduffs.Com 
Baltimore Clubs / Kilduffs. Com 
Baltimore Diners / Kilduffs.Com 
Baltimore Factories / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Firehouses / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore old gas stations / Kilduffs.Com
Maryland old Gas Stations / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Harbor / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Homes / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Hospitals / Kilduffs.com
Baltimore Hotels / Kilduffs.Com
Kilduff’s Red Devils / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore’s Pratt Libraries / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Markets / Kilduffs.Com 
Baltimore Media / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Monuments / Kilduffs.Com
Maryland Motels / Kilduffs.Com
Odd Sights / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Parks / Kilduffs.Com
Paul’s Puppets / Kilduffs.com
Baltimore Police Station Buildings / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Restaurants / Kilduffs.com
Rt.1 Through Maryland / Kilduffs.Com
Rt.40 Through Maryland / Kilduffs.Com ( 6 Total Pages )
Baltimore Schools / Kilduffs.Com 
Baltimore Sports Past / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Stone work / Kilduffs.Com
Baltimore Old Stores Kilduffs/Com 
Baltimore Synagogues /  Kilduffs.Com 
Baltimore Train Stations / Kilduffs.Com
Maryland Train Stations / Kilduffs.Net
While we do have much more available, this guide should help navigate the websites easier. 

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