03 Jul

Hello Maryland !

Kilduffs.Org has been converted into an index of all  the things you will find on the Kilduffs websites. Kilduffs is all about Maryland and Baltimore, and the topics tend to be about the architecture and lifestyles of the State over the past 100 + years. Remember an odd building as you passed through a Town here recently ? It’s likely mentioned somewhere in all these webpages. We are building a index to better help navigate the piles of material we have and if you can’t find the answer, feel free to email us .
Kilduffs.Com = Our Original Website – Started out for Baltimore Movie Theatres – Quickly grew. A little difficult to update but we keep working on it.
Kilduffs.Net = Our WordPress Updated pages. I tend to like how the older webpages look, but it’s easier to work on and update.
Kilduffs.Org –This website, now our index of the websites so youcan find information easier, we hope.

PeterDPaul.Com – Our Website of Old Postcards from all over the Country and the drawings of many of those Cities and Towns done by Peter D. Paul. There is a collection of Maryland Postcards as well.
(Kilduffstheatrteindex@gmail.com )

Kilduffs started years ago as a website for Baltimore and the old movie theatres that once doted the City. After a few years, we moved on the entire State of Maryland. Soon, we were looking for old Armory Buildings, old banks, and old train stations. We even have  collection of old Main Street Postcards from all over the State we are posting. We just completed a Post for Salibury Main Street Postcards. While Kilduffs.com & Kilduffs.Net kind of stay within a subject matter, Kilduffs.Org goes all over the place. Please let us know what you think.
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